There are 5 main movement patterns that the human body should be strong and proficient in.

Push, Pull, Hip Dominant Hinge, Knee Dominant Hinge, Carry

These can be broken down much further depending on how in depth you want to get, but this keeps it simple. If you’re creating a program and you include an exercise from each one, you will have a fairly comprehensive plan.

The push/pull is upper body, which includes the variations of horizontal and vertical loading. The hip and knee dominant lifts are essentially the push and pull of the lower body. The Hip dominant is usually a pull while the knee dominant is usually a push- these can also be varied however depending on your set up.

  • Push: Pushups/ Bench Press / Overhead Press

  • Pull: Pull ups (vertical & horizontal) / Bent Row / Lat Pulldown

  • Hip Hinge: Deadlift / Hip Thrust / Glute Bridge

  • Knee Hinge: Squat / Lunge / Elevated Split Squat / Side Lunge

  • Carry:  Farmers Carry / Suitcase Carry / Waiters Carry

Endless variations exist – but the base pattern remains the same.

Most people get confused because of these variations, but the reality of it though is that if you did only these first 5 exercises listed you would be getting a complete workout.

What’s more is that if these are done with proper core bracing, this is all the “ab” work you’ll ever need.

If you need more ideas of how to create a program, or how to diversify your program send us a message! Whether your goals are performance, aesthetics or both we can help you improve.