We see it all the time.

People get motivated to make big changes in their lives. Really motivated. They sign-up with a local gym and hire a personal trainer. They modify their schedule to accommodate regular workouts. Three weeks into their program and things are going seemingly well. However, come week four, injury occurs. The individual becomes frustrated and discouraged, ending up in our office for treatment and management of their injuries.

Sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

At Total Performance, we set out to fix this problem. We started by asking ourselves a couple key questions. Why were people getting hurt? Was it exercise in general? Was it “doing too much”? Was it their nutrition? Wrong supplement choices?

What we came to find out was that initial assessments were FAR from adequate. Sometimes there were NO assessments done at all prior to programming. Clients were essentially being thrown into exercise regimens without any understanding of what their bodies were and were not physically capable of.

This is a huge problem.

Performing an exercise program full of movements that the client is not physically capable of performing is a sure way to cause injury, and at best, won’t allow the individual to reach their full potential.

THIS is what makes us different. We use cutting-edge methods to fully evaluate and assess our training clients before we create their program. We assess physical capacity, body composition, nutritional habits and psychological factors to produce the safest, most effective programs available. When you couple this with highly trained, passionate trainers, great results are inevitable.

In addition to this, we can often take individuals who have experienced injury and seamlessly transition them from the clinic to the gym. This is a huge benefit of a clinic/gym hybrid. We can take previous injury history and apply it directly into the gym and future fitness programs.


Expert Assessment & Evaluation

Creating a road-map begins with establishing a starting point. Our first priority is learning about our client and their specific goals. Increase mobility? Lose weight? Develop power or speed? Once goals are established, our trainers use the Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to uncover current movement capabilities before deciding on what program to build.

Address Every Aspect of Fitness

Fitness is much more than breathing hard. Fitness includes, but is not limited to: Joint health & mobility, cardiovascular capacity, neuromuscular control and efficiency, strength, power, speed, agility and body composition. We can address any and all of these. Give us your goals… we’ll give you the plan.

Individual & Group Options

Do you like to work out one on one with your trainer? How about in a small group setting? What about group classes? Our training staff does it all and has options for everyone. Get in touch with us today to see what would likely work best for you. We’re eager to help out!

Conquering goals.
Every day.

We start with what you want.
Together, we outline and prioritize your goals.
Then we streamline the path to accomplish them.
It’s that simple.



Digital Training Paperwork



All Total Performance staff trainers are clinically educated by our physicians, trained to handle patients in pain or athletes at the peak of their performance. This is a giant upside to training in a clinic/gym hybrid. Our staff is trained to handle whatever is thrown their way.

Kjell Thorsen


Kjell (pronounced “Shell”) Thorsen is a licensed Chiropractic Assistant, Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM-certified personal trainer. Following graduation this year with a Bachelors in Exercise & Sports Science from Southern Oregon University, he will continue his education next fall by pursuing his doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Kjell has been involved in a variety of athletics since he was young including wrestling, football, soccer, basketball, and track & field. He graduated high school as an all-state wrestler and went on to wrestle at Oregon State University. Kjell developed his interest in sports science, while growing up immersed in athletics and around chiropractic. After spending time at Total Performance, Kjell found satisfaction in building relationships, serving patients, and giving quality of life to individuals. This has driven him to pursue a career as as physical therapist. He hopes to one day return to work at Total Performance with this title.

When he’s not learning or working, he likes to spend his free time with his wife and daughter hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and 4-wheeling in the beautiful southern Oregon outdoors.

Although they are at most times difficult (as they should be)…they are always fun! Brooke and I laugh often throughout the hour I’m with her. I always look forward to my hour with her!


I have always been an active person and started going to a CrossFit gym to gain strength and become more fit. It was a sport that I instantly fell in love with and was devastated when several months later I began experiencing pain in my lower back and my right shoulder. When I was unable to alleviate the pain myself through stretching, foam rollers, bands, etc., I decided to come into “the clinic” to seek some professional help. After working through the first steps of rehabilitation, which included manual therapy and correcting the movements that were
causing problems, the pain began to alleviate. After this initial rehabilitation, I was introduced to the FRC process and began doing work to improve the stability and mobility of my shoulder. Within weeks, not only was my shoulder feeling significantly better but I was making noticeable gains in my shoulder mobility. A couple of months later my shoulder was not only pain free, but also felt stronger and more mobile than ever before. The results were so incredible I decided to complete a whole-body FRA so I could further understand the mobility and strength limitations in the rest of my joints. This evaluation allowed me to understand my limitations and weaknesses and how those were affecting my performance and progress at CrossFit. My entire life I have been an inflexible person that never found any positive impact from other forms of mobility improvement like stretching and yoga. Following my prescribed program based on my FRA, I have seen noticeable improvement in my range of motion in my problem areas. This progress has translated directly to my performance at the gym. I am recovering more quickly from intense workouts which allows me to go to the gym more days per week. I have seen steady PR’s on my lifts and have recently been able to start tackling more advanced movements I previously thought impossible (like muscle ups). I have also found that the time it takes me to “warm up” for a heavy lifting session is significantly reduced and I feel less tightness overall during workouts. Looking back to the beginning of this program, I can’t emphasize how much better I actually feel now. I know this process is based on hard work and time, but the results truly feel like magic. I highly recommend “The Clinic’s” program not only to people working out in CrossFit or any other exercise program, but honestly for anyone looking to improve their overall strength and mobility in any sport or even in everyday life. “The Clinic” put careful consideration and personal attention into helping me reach my personal goals and realizing a program that would help me remain pain free and strong.

I trained under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Scott Thorsen for over 2 years while competing in body building and while training for the NFL combine. His master knowledge of nutrition, elite level of fitness training, and passion for athletic excellence drives him and is what makes him the best trainer I have had the experience of working with.

He has also treated me for injuries over the course of 15 years. He is constantly evolving his practice to better himself and to use the most current treatments for his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Thorsen for your health and fitness needs.

Will Isley
Working with Brooke is fantastic. Besides her thorough knowledge of training, body mechanics, and safe exercises, she was able to listen to my goals and create a specific program for my needs.

The training sessions were always well thought out, progressed from earlier work, and were an exciting part of my day. In all, Brooke made them fun and challenging at the same time. It was also so beneficial to have an accountability buddy. Because of my training sessions with her, my routines and habits also were helped outside of the gym. I was eager to exercise more, eat better and drink less because I wanted to show up at my best for each class.

I personally did not have any reservation, but I understand that one of the largest reservations is cost. This all comes down to what you value. In reality, the training session were extremely affordable and cos less then what would normally be spend just on coffee and beer in a month. It’s a simple choice – spending money for quick spurts of excitement, or spending the same money for life-long lasting benefits to body and mind.

Other reservations may have to do with nervousness in the gym. Brooke is a professional – and that includes designing a program that is right for your body and ability level. And she has the ability to make it fun and see results, no matter your level

My main goal when starting with Brooke was to get my body back into a health place and focus on injury prevention. I had been pretty active throughout my life – skiing, biking, martial arts, etc. But in my late 30’s, the stresses of physical labor and slow lack of exercise changed my nimble and health body into one that was showing signs of road-to-injury. That chronic bit not bad lower back pain, that occasional neck ache, that soreness in my knees after doing activity that used to be daily for me. Brooke help me get my strength back and more. By focusing on key areas of core, stability, and balance, the early indicators of the “aging-body” went away. Not just that, but the mental awareness of body mechanics and movement has been a great re-connection. I am now in just as health shape as I had been prior, and with better alignment and mechanics.

Richie Duncan, P.E., Founder, Lead Designer, CEO, Kodama Inc.

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