We see it all the time.

People get motivated to make big changes in their lives. Really motivated. They sign-up with a local gym and hire a personal trainer. They modify their schedule to accommodate regular workouts. Three weeks into their program and things are going seemingly well. However, come week four, injury occurs. The individual becomes frustrated and discouraged, ending up in our office for treatment and management of their injuries.

Sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

At Total Performance, we set out to fix this problem. We started by asking ourselves a couple key questions. Why were people getting hurt? Was it exercise in general? Was it “doing too much”? Was it their nutrition? Wrong supplement choices?

What we came to find out was that initial assessments were FAR from adequate. Sometimes there were NO assessments done at all prior to programming. Clients were essentially being thrown into exercise regimens without any understanding of what their bodies were and were not physically capable of.

This is a huge problem.

Performing an exercise program full of movements that the client is not physically capable of performing is a sure way to cause injury, and at best, won’t allow the individual to reach their full potential.

THIS is what makes us different. We use cutting-edge methods to fully evaluate and assess our training clients before we create their program. We assess physical capacity, body composition, nutritional habits and psychological factors to produce the safest, most effective programs available. When you couple this with highly trained, passionate trainers, great results are inevitable.

In addition to this, we can often take individuals who have experienced injury and seamlessly transition them from the clinic to the gym. This is a huge benefit of a clinic/gym hybrid. We can take previous injury history and apply it directly into the gym and future fitness programs.

Expert Assessment & Evaluation

Creating a road-map begins with establishing a starting point. Our first priority is learning about our client and their specific goals. Increase mobility? Lose weight? Develop power or speed? Once goals are established, our trainers use the Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to uncover current movement capabilities before deciding on what program to build.

Address Every Aspect of Fitness

Fitness is much more than breathing hard. Fitness includes, but is not limited to: Joint health & mobility, cardiovascular capacity, neuromuscular control and efficiency, strength, power, speed, agility and body composition. We can address any and all of these. Give us your goals… we’ll give you the plan.

Individual & Group Options

Do you like to work out one on one with your trainer? How about in a small group setting? What about group classes? Our training staff does it all and has options for everyone. Get in touch with us today to see what would likely work best for you. We’re eager to help out!


All Total Performance staff trainers are clinically educated by our physicians, trained to handle patients in pain or athletes at the peak of their performance. This is a giant upside to training in a clinic/gym hybrid. Our staff is trained to handle whatever is thrown their way.

Amanda Cooper


Amanda Cooper is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition Level 1 nutrition coach, Certified Functional Strength Coach, as well as a licensed Chiropractic Assistant. Her desire is to help people move, live, and feel better. She has a passion for helping those new to fitness reach their goals and feel good doing it. She wants to help people find what drives and motivates them, use it to overcome their mental barriers in the gym and discover what they are truly capable of. Amanda is a firm believer in continuing education and will accept any opportunity to learn and deepen her knowledge. When Amanda isn’t working she is either in the weight room, outside riding her horses, hunting or hiking.

Nathan Piader


Nathan Piader is certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a licensed Chiropractic Assistant. Continuing education courses keep him up to date on the most current information regarding fitness and health. Nathan is a firm believer in diet and exercise and their abilities to provide a better quality of life. As an elite-level wrestler in Oregon, he understands what it takes to perform at an optimal level and brings a variety of sports experience and knowledge to Total Performance. Whether you are an experienced athlete or new to fitness, he wants to help you attain your goals and make the training experience as fun and seamless as possible. While not at the office Nathan is probably at the gym or doing some type of extreme sport such as snowboarding, mountain biking or cliff jumping.

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