Recovery starts even before the workouts with adequate sleep, proper nutrition and hydration.  

That being said, there’s a ton more you can do to help rebuild your muscles and reduce soreness throughout your program.

  • Warm Up

  • Foam Rolling

  • Walking/Stretching/Mobility

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Hot Tub/ Steam Room/ Sauna

  1. Warm up: getting adequate blood flow to your muscles prior to your workout will ensure they are getting the oxygen and other nutrients needed to perform as well as recover quicker.


  1. Foam rolling: this can be used in your warm up for sore or tight muscles, but can also be done post workout to immediately start the recovery process. Spend no more than 1-2 minutes on the muscle groups that were targeted in your workout followed by light stretching.  It can also be done on your off days prior to light stretching to help desensitize muscle tissue.

3.      Walking/stretching/ mobility: these should be done pre & post workout and especially on rest days. Some easy movement through full range of motion with light stretches held no more than 30-45 seconds can help decrease muscle sensitivity and soreness. Your warm up can serve as a great off day mobility routine. This will also better prepare your tissues for the next day’s workout. 

4. Diaphragmatic breathing: really this should be a daily practice, but especially post workout this can help bring the body back to the parasympathetic state and greatly reduce the stress response.  Lying on your back with feet either up on the wall or resting on a bench, place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest.  As you breath you should feel the hand on your belly rise while the hand on your chest barely moves.  4 seconds in through your nose and 8 seconds out through your mouth.

5. Hot tub/ sauna/ steam room: heat of any kind can help your muscles relax.  I prefer the sauna or steam room because you can move around and get the blood flowing a little better but the hot tub can be beneficial as well.  If you choose the hot tub i recommend doing a bit of light stretching afterward.