Expert Assessment and Diagnosis

“This is where we start with all of our patients.”

We take pride in providing the highest-quality assessment and diagnosis for each patient that walks through our doors. Not all injuries are the same. Not all injuries can be treated the same. Injuries and physical barriers to performance will always be best managed when the primary causes are intelligently and effectively identified.

Using the Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), as well as standard orthopedic and neurological exam procedures, we are able to provide you a road map to recovery and performance.

Whether you are a outdoor enthusiast, a mother of four, or a competitive athlete, our clinicians use their years of experience to get you off the sidelines and back in the game as soon as possible.




“Sports are our passion.”

So naturally, we are extremely passionate in treating and preventing the injuries that occur throughout the life of an athlete. All of our physicians have participated in high level athletics themselves, but have also pursued additional training in the world of sports injury prevention and management. Not only do our physicians treat sports injuries; they also design and draft training programs for clients of all types.

Our passion at Total Performance is integration of rehab and performance. We do our best to deliver that with each and every patient and client. We do everything we can to get you back on the field and keep you there.

Precise Rehab and Effective Physiotherapy

“At Total Performance, we grew tired of the old, outdated chiropractic and sports medicine models.”

Standard practice in most traditional chiropractic practices involved evaluation and manipulation of the spine. For every injury.

Standard sports medicine care traditionally involved icing, bracing, anti-inflammatory medication, modality use (ultrasound, electrotherapy, etc.), exercise and in the worst of situations, surgery.

Undoubtedly, all of these therapies can be very effective given the right condition and situation, but no single therapy will be effect for all conditions.

At Total Performance, we’ve decided to hold ourselves to higher standards. We see it as our goal to evaluate and assess the patient in front of us and make treatment decisions based on their individual needs. No more generalizations, no more guessing. We see it as our jobs to prove why certain therapies fit your unique condition.

In this model, we use every intervention at our disposal to move our patients quickly through injury and back to activity. Our staff uses joint adjustment/manipulation, soft tissue management, traction, exercise, cold laser therapy (LLLT), taping, electrotherapy, and nutritional adjuncts (among others) to achieve the desired outcomes of our patients and clients.

It’s been our experience that using the best of what is available to accomplish the tasks at hand will regularly return optimal results. That’s our goal with our patients. Plain and Simple.


Offering the best therapies available for management of most neuromusculoskeletal conditions



With over 30 years of combined experience, our top-of-the-line clinicians are ready to get you healthy and performing at your best

Dr. Scott Thorsen
Dr. Scott ThorsenDC, CSCS
Dr. Thorsen graduated Cum Laude from the University of Western States and has a bachelor degree in nutrition from Oregon State University. He has been in practice in Southern Oregon since 1996. His areas of focus include sport injury rehabilitation, general chiropractic care, nutritional counseling and wellness care. Dr. Thorsen utilizes a evidence based approach to patient care. He assesses and treats the underlying cause of a patients problem to restore health and improve function.

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Dr. Nick Baker
Dr. Nick BakerDC, MS, CSCS, CCSP®️
Growing up in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Dr. Baker has always been an active, adventure-seeking individual. He developed a passion for sports and exercise at an early age that grew throughout high school while participating in football, track & field, basketball and soccer. Chiropractic care was essential to identifying, treating and proactively preventing the primary causes of dysfunction that led to injury and re-occurrence experienced while competing. After high school, he was able to carry his athletic passions onto the collegiate stage, competing in both NCAA III college football and track & field.

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Dr. Nate Baker
Dr. Nate BakerDC, MS
Dr. Nate Baker comes to Total Performance with Bachelor of Science degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Human Biology. In addition, he has completed a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science, and most recently has earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. While attending the University of Western States, he was able to apply and further his knowledge in exercise and rehabilitation to help a large variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including a variety of athletic and sports injuries. His internship afforded him several opportunities to work with high schools and athletic training rooms around the Portland area, as well as several regional sporting events throughout the state of Oregon

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Dr. Keith Yoho
Dr. Keith YohoDC
Dr. Keith Yoho grew up in Tomball, TX, outside of Houston, where he competed in athletics starting at a young age. He competed in swimming at the state and national level from middle school through the beginning of his college career at the University of Minnesota. After his first year of college, he transitioned to competing in triathlon where he quickly rose to the professional level. His continual training as a swimmer and triathlete led to recurring injuries that were treated through chiropractic care and rehabilitation. He continued his passion for athletics at Texas A&M where he coached with the women’s swim team for 2 years, working with multiple NCAA champions and 2012 Olympians.

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The massage, chiropractic, and Strengthening services I have received at Total Performance have helped me immensely. Learning how to move properly and strengthen my core and back have made a difference in my life. The attention to detail and individualized services has been extremely beneficial. I highly recommend Total Performance.

I have been referring my patients to Total Performance in Cave Junction for years and get so much positive feedback that I went and saw Dr. Nate Baker myself when I injured my lower back gardening last spring. He had me fixed up in 3 visits and the exercises he taught me have helped me prevent further injury. Their approach is very holistic with the goal

of helping people recover so they don’t need to come back for adjustments all the time. I highly recommend the Total Performance team!

MARGARET PHILHOWER, ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

I began treatment with Total Performance in October of 2015. I had sustained a lower back injury that was only worsened by sitting in the car for 8 days driving cross-country. When I started therapy with Nick Baker my mobility was extremely limited. I was restricted only to aquatic exercises. Not only did I receive regular Chiropractic adjustments and massage,

I was also given take-home exercises, detailed instruction on how to improve, and most importantly, sustain my lower back health. As a full-time personal trainer, the health and mobility of my body is extremely important. The knowledge and personal care that I have received over the last three years has been exceptional; I would highly recommend Total Performance to all of my friends and family.

Treana Carrier, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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